Xamarin Recipe Cook-off: Using SpriteKit on iOS7 with C#

monkeyIn this post I’m going to walk you through a tutorial that will show you the basics of Apple’s new SpriteKit API for iOS7. To follow the tutorial, you will need basic knowledge of iOS application development and C# / Xamarin.iOS.

To build the demo project, you will need Xamarin.iOS 7 (Indie Edition will do), Xcode 5 and iOS SDK7.

If you don’t know what SpriteKit is all about, you can check out the details on Apple’s developer pages (a developer account is required to access them): SpriteKit introduction

For all you eager-beavers who cannot wait to download the project before even knowing what it is all about, here’s the link:


Let’s have a look at what we’re going to build:

The demo's main scene showing the bouncing ball.

The demo’s main scene showing the bouncing ball.

Some folks may recognize the ball: it’s the good old Amiga Boing Ball from the 1980s! I found a perfect remake of its animation at the AmigaLog where the images can be downloaded. Very well done and perfect for our little tutorial.
Of course we want to tweak things a bit in order to show SpriteKit’s abilities, so my version has an option to let it snow – not just because it’s already close to that time of year, but mainly to demonstrate the use of particle effects:

Main scene with particles enabled.

Let it snow!