Management of iOS provisioning profiles with Xamarin

Recently I ran into some problems with iOS provisioning profiles while using Visual Studio for Xamarin. Some profiles wouldn’t show up and in the end I got super confused and started to wonder:

  • I’m inside Visual Studio here on a Windows machine and it shows me a list of profiles. Where do they come from?
  • There is Xamarin Studio on the Mac (the build host) and it also has a list of profiles. In addition it allows me to log in to my Apple developer account.
  • And we have Xcode. Guess what: provisioning profiles there, too and also a login dialog.

In the good old days, everything related to profiles was managed in the Xcode Organizer. Then Apple decided to strip Organizer down to the bare minimum and include everything into Xcode’s preferences.

Post has been updated because of changes in Xamarin Studio