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Migrating from Parallels Desktop 10 to VMware Fusion 7: Android SDK broken, WP Emulator not working

Recently I switched my Parallels Desktop 10 VM setup to VMware’s Fusion 7. I had various (random) problems with Parallels Desktop 10 and decided to give Fusion a try. The result: Fusion 7 does not support all the fancy DirectX 10 support, but for a virtual Windows 8.1 development machine on my Mac, it is the better choice.

Migrating over was easy: I simply imported the PD10 virtual hard disk. In 30 minutes it was converted over into Fusion’s format and started up just fine. Everything worked pretty well but then I found a view things I had to adjust.

Are you a creature of habit like me? Then this setting in OS X could get you into an awkward situation too.

The story is actually funny, but on the other hand not. What would your reaction be, if you noticed that you just sent your login password out to the world? I can tell you what mine was:

Captain Picard Meme WTF?