Are you a creature of habit like me? Then this setting in OS X could get you into an awkward situation too.

The story is actually funny, but on the other hand not. What would your reaction be, if you noticed that you just sent your login password out to the world? I can tell you what mine was:

Captain Picard Meme WTF?

Here’s what happened: I had set Yosemite to require the login password 5 minutes after the Mac goes to sleep.Yosemite Security and Privacy Settings, General tab

It’s been like that for months and during that time I developed a habit: hit the CTRL key (to wake the machine up), type the login password and hit ENTER. All of this would happen while the screen is still black. And it turns out that during all the time I have never returned to the computer shorter than 5 minutes after sleep or screen saver begins. In other words: the Mac has always been locked when I returned.

Until today.

Today, the screen has been black, so I pressed CTRL, typed my password and confirmed with ENTER. OS X unlocked and…

I realized that I just typed my login password into the message text field of HipChat and sent it out to everybody. Nice. Nobody said a word but I presume they all thought: WTF!? And so did I. It took me a while to realize what had happened. The machine was not locked, it was just sleeping. CTRL woke it up, the previous active app got focus (HipChat) and I typed my password there.

I tell you, this can be quite annoying, especially if you use your Apple ID account to login to Yosemite.

Lessons learned: set “require password” to immediately. 🙂

Note: yes, the password has been changed.

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