Migrating from Parallels Desktop 10 to VMware Fusion 7: Android SDK broken, WP Emulator not working

Recently I switched my Parallels Desktop 10 VM setup to VMware’s Fusion 7. I had various (random) problems with Parallels Desktop 10 and decided to give Fusion a try. The result: Fusion 7 does not support all the fancy DirectX 10 support, but for a virtual Windows 8.1 development machine on my Mac, it is the better choice.

Migrating over was easy: I simply imported the PD10 virtual hard disk. In 30 minutes it was converted over into Fusion’s format and started up just fine. Everything worked pretty well but then I found a view things I had to adjust.

Getting rid of the PSF shared folders

After I had upgraded my Parallels Desktop 10 disk to Fusion 7 there was still a computer called “psf” in my network. In order to get rid of this I had to uninstall Parallel Desktop tools. Sometimes the solution is so simple 🙂

PSF Network

Android SDK Manager

I’m using Xamarin for development. So I already had all the tools installed, including Visual Studio with the Xamarin add-in. When I wanted to upgrade to Android 5 SDK, SDK manager would show me this:

Android SDK manager cannot download XML filesThe solution for this problem was in the environment variables of Windows! Open Explorer -> right click “My Computer” -> Properties. Then select “Extended System Preferences” from the side bar. In the “Advanced” section, select “Environment Variables”.

Environment Variables

There you should see two Android related entries: ANDROID_NDK_PATH and ANDROID_SDK_PATH.

ANDROID_NDK_PATH was still pointing to \\psf\Host\… – this is the shared drive provided by Parallels Desktop. I changed that to C:\Users\rene\Documents\android-ndk

ANDROID_SDK_PATH was missing. I pointed that one to C:\Users\rene\AppData\Local\Android\android-sdk

Log out of Windows, login again and run Android SDK Manager, et voilà! All packages can be loaded.

Windows Phone 8.1 Emulators won’t work

Visual Studio refused to run the WP8 emulator under Fusion 7. This worked just fine with PD10. To fix this:

  • Enable Hypervisor support in the VM settings
  • Show package content of the VM disk file
  • Edit the config file (extension “VMX”)
  • Add at the end: hypervisor.cpuid.v0 = “FALSE”

Details about this fix can be found at: http://blogs.endjin.com/2013/06/running-the-windows-phone-emulator-in-vmware-fusion/

Restart the VM afterward and then be patient when starting WP8 Emulator the first time! It took more than 5 minutes to boot up on my machine. It seems to be doing some one-time  initialization. Subsequent starts are much faster.

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