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Building a MAME Arcade Cabinet

Born in 1976 I still remember the great arcades from my first visit to London at the age of 17. We also had arcade machines in our small town, in almost every restaurant there was a PacMan, Double Dragon or some other machine showing off amazing graphics. I remember discussing with a friend how home computers or consoles would never ever be able to reach such awesome performance. We were young. And wrong.

Meanwhile, arcade machines have become a thing of the past and when I was in the process of building my own, my son’s friends (aged 9) asked me what I was doing there. When I answered that this was an arcade machine, they just said “Ok.” and moved on, probably thinking it was some sort of IKEA storage cabinet for my kitchen. They simply did not know what an arcade machine was!

When I was 21, I had an original arcade machine in my apartment. It was some Double Dragon like game. I bought the full size arcade for DM700 back then (about €360) and sold it two years later for about €150. At the same time, a friend bought a table video game with a version of Space Invaders and he still has it.

Every time I visit him I would get angry at myself for selling my own arcade. Well, no more!

Migrating from Parallels Desktop 10 to VMware Fusion 7: Android SDK broken, WP Emulator not working

Recently I switched my Parallels Desktop 10 VM setup to VMware’s Fusion 7. I had various (random) problems with Parallels Desktop 10 and decided to give Fusion a try. The result: Fusion 7 does not support all the fancy DirectX 10 support, but for a virtual Windows 8.1 development machine on my Mac, it is the better choice.

Migrating over was easy: I simply imported the PD10 virtual hard disk. In 30 minutes it was converted over into Fusion’s format and started up just fine. Everything worked pretty well but then I found a view things I had to adjust.

Xamarin’s Visual Studio Plugin, missing Android devices, Genymotion and Parallels Desktop – don’t panic!

You are a Mac owner. You’re used to the fact that “things just work”. But you are also a programmer, eager to write software for Android platforms using Xamarin? You even managed to set up your development environment using your Mac, Parallels Desktop, Windows 8 and Xamarin. And now you are trying deploy your first Xamarin Android application to your physical device or an emulator? Alright, please try that now. Fail. Then come back to this article and read on.